About Us

Our special ladies understand how difficult it is to lose someone close, and the importance of remembering their life. Our approach to funeral services is softer, more specialised and provides care for everyone in the family in a supportive and nurturing manner. Our funeral directors take pride in our reputation of providing a superior quality funeral service to families of all cultures and religions, giving them a lasting tribute to their loved one. We offer a full range of services for men, women and children, and tailor services for all cultural and religious backgrounds.

White Lady Funerals

The first White Lady funeral home opened in 1987 and ever since then we have been offering a unique and distinctive quality of funeral service, provided by our committed and professional team of women. From our elegant white uniforms to our distinctive fleet of white cars, White Lady Funerals brings a refreshing, modern touch to the funeral industry.

You can find a White Lady funeral home in all states of Australia but in Western Australia we are known as Mareena Purslowe Funerals, and began operating in 1989.

Mareena Purslowe Funerals

The ladies at Mareena Purslowe Funerals represent White Lady Funerals in Western Australia and offer the same caring and compassionate female touch. Mareena Purslowe Funerals is available from a number of funeral homes in the Perth area.

From our elegant white uniforms to our distinctive fleet of burgundy cars, Mareena Purslowe Funerals brings a refreshing, modern touch to the funeral industry in Western Australia.

Our Mission

Our mission to you is to provide excellent funeral services to families of every race and religion. We are a dedicated team of women who offer the assurance of absolute support and professional attention with genuine care.

We are committed to training our staff in all areas of funeral service with the vision of providing the best service available in this honourable profession.

Because our families are our highest priority, we carry out our mission with honesty, care and respect.

Our People

White Lady and Mareena Purslowe funeral directors are dedicated to setting the highest standard in funeral professionalism and supporting families through what may be the single most difficult time in their life.

Our special ladies will provide you and your family with guidance and support to ensure the funeral arrangements are carried out as smoothly and easily as possible, with care, respect and dignity.

Every staff member is handpicked for their qualities of commitment, compassion, and professionalism. They are extensively trained and have broad industry knowledge which they share by being active in the community. Our care begins with your first phone call and doesn’t just end when we are satisfied the ceremony is as perfect and complete as we can make it and the wishes of the family are fully met. Our care extends to families after the funeral is over via moving memorial services and grief support offered throughout the year.

Our Role

At White Lady Funerals and Mareena Purslowe Funerals, our philosophy is to – with a woman's understanding – help families reflect on and celebrate the life of their loved one, and to provide a funeral service of remembrance that is as unique as the individual the funeral service is created for. This is what sets us apart from other funeral service providers.

Our female funeral directors gently guide you through the arrangement process. We understand that each family is unique, with their own traditions and personal requests. A woman’s understanding of these matters can make all the difference to the precious memories that your family will have forever.

Are you interested in joining the White Lady or Mareena Purslowe team? For more information, as well as how to apply for an available role, please visit the Careers page.

A Video Introduction to the White Lady Funerals Concept

Knowing just what to say and the right moment to say it, or when a gesture offers more than words, are traits of the people who become White Ladies.

Our latest TV advertisment showcases perfectly what White Lady Funerals stand for, and the concept of our people.