Islamic funeral services

The Islamic funeral service generally consists of funeral prayers Salat al-Janazah (Janazah prayer) and is a collective obligation for Muslims. The man most closely related to the deceased will usually lead these prayers, although the Imam or another knowledgeable Muslim may do so if needed.

The Janazah prayer consists of 4 takbirs:

  • In the first Takbir - recite Sourate Al-Fatiha (1st sourate in the Koran)
  • In the second Takbir - make Duas for the Prophet
  • In the third Takbir - make Duas for the deceased, and
  • In the four Takbir - make Duas for the humanity (ouma).

Today, some Islamic families like to personalise the funeral service by including some special touches such as photo displays, musical tributes or even video displays.

Your White Lady funeral director can assist you to include some or all of these elements to create a beautiful and respectful ceremony that is truly unique and personal.