Our story

For 35 years, we’ve led with compassion and care to guide Australian families through the loss of a loved one.

Our mission

Our women Funeral Specialists are here to share their strength, compassion and guidance in times of loss. We are here to ease your burden, help you process your grief and provide your lost loved one with a memorable farewell that honours their life and strengthens their legacy.

Our history

We began as a collective of women, offering a caring, personalised approach to funerals. Where dark suits and black hearses, cold chapels and solemn speeches were once the only option, we created a fresh alternative, with empathy, courage and a woman’s intuition at the heart of our operation. 

Since 1987, we’ve helped over 147,000 Australian families from all walks of life find their strength and say farewell to the ones they love most.

Today, our team comprises hundreds of strong, caring women across the country. Every White Lady Funeral Specialist draws from a wealth of life experience to guide and support you and your family.

Our promise

We will walk by your side, help you carry the weight of your loss and honour your loved one as you say farewell. 

We’ll look after every detail, so you can focus on healing before, during and after the service. 

We’ll support your family and community, and let our strength help you find yours.

Our character

We are empathetic

We show endless compassion for families and communities in grief.

We are courageous

We unburden you and lighten your load in the heaviest moments.

We are intuitive

We anticipate your needs and honour your loved one’s wishes.

Our impact

How can we help?

Our caring Funeral Specialists offer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please reach out or request a call back.