How technology is changing the way we approach funeral services

Technology has the power to connect us in life’s toughest moments.

Thanks to technology, it’s never been easier to feel close and connected to those we love. We can instantly share a lifetime of memories through photos and videos taken on our phones, we can create moving online memorials to revisit whenever we want to reminisce and we can even live-stream funeral services now.

Technology has given us many ways to help your family and friends feel connected and celebrate the life of your loved one. Here are a few elements you might want to consider.

Funeral live-streaming

Being there for life’s biggest moments is tricky when friends and family live all over the world. Getting everyone in the same room is not always possible, but that doesn’t mean anyone should miss their chance to say goodbye. Live-streaming means we can now still feel like part of the service even if we can’t attend in person. We partner with OneRoom to offer funeral live-streaming service, allowing people to feel a part of the service from anywhere in the world.

Online memorials

The memories we share with our loved ones are precious. Online memorials are the perfect way to stay connected with your loved one, discover new things about them even after they’re gone and reminisce with others. An online memorial acts like a living collage kept forever. You can invite your loved one’s friends and family to share pictures, stories and videos that celebrate the life of the person they’ve lost. You can access it online whenever you want to experience it again. Our Funeral Specialists can help you set up an online memorial with Memories.

Video tributes

Funerals and memorial services are lovely opportunities to celebrate the life and spirit of your loved one. In these moments, photos and videos can sometimes be the best way to capture the essence of who they were, so we encourage families to create a slideshow or video montage to be played at the funeral, memorial or wake as a video tribute. Our modern venues are already set up to facilitate this and your Funeral Specialist can help ensure things run smoothly.

Digital invitations and thank you cards

Planning and preparing for a funeral can feel overwhelming, but there are plenty of ways to simplify the process. Sending digital invitations and thank you cards rather than paper ones is an easy way to take a time-consuming task off your plate. Your Funeral Specialist can help you craft a message to send to friends and family before and after the service.

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