Examples of eulogies

Writing a heartfelt eulogy is no easy task, but it can be a powerful step in the healing process. The memories you shared, their best qualities and the wonderful things they achieved in their life – it’s a lot to capture in a single speech. But we’re here to help, whenever you need it.

Along with our guide on How to write a eulogy, these examples might provide some inspiration and guidance to help you get started. 

Famous eulogies

Some of the most powerful, memorable speeches in history were delivered as eulogies. These speeches became famous not only because of who wrote them and who they were written for, but because they beautifully capture the life and spirit of the person who died.

One example is the funeral speech delivered by Barack Obama in honour of Senator Edward Kennedy. Through a collection of stories of the late senator’s life, Obama’s words resonate with respect, admiration and empathy. 

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Another famous eulogy was the heartfelt tribute Charles Spencer delivered for his sister Princess Diana at Westminster Abbey. He eloquently honours Diana’s memory while sharing the impact she had on countless lives. 

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