Planning Your Final Send-Off

– Ita Buttrose Sees Funeral Planning As An Extension Of Will & Estate Planning

"Most people don’t like to think about death and consequently, when it comes to their funeral, don’t plan ahead. It’s odd really because we plan almost everything else in our lives especially major events like getting married, having a baby, a special birthday…

It’s easy to blame the busy lives most of us claim to lead for not thinking about dying and what our final send-off will be like, but death is a part of life and there’s no escaping it.

I’ve always thought of funeral planning as an extension of our will and estate planning.

It needs to be discussed and your wishes recorded so that your family know exactly what you want for your final send-off. After all it’s meant to be a celebration of your life and arguably the most important event of your life."

"This year, I’ve been to several funerals and one in particular, the memorial service of the late theatrical entrepreneur and celebrity agent, Harry M Miller, was brilliantly planned. Harry’s instructions were clear. “People will get up and speak and sing, and they should all have a drink without leaving the premises.” He also wanted everyone to depart Sydney’s Capitol Theatre where the service was held, declaring “that was the best bloody memorial I have ever been to in my life.

Well, it was certainly that but also a wonderful remembrance of a remarkable man. People laughed and cried, and even clapped. Harry’s “voice” could be heard through the many tributes and in a way, he briefly lived again."

Ita Buttrose is the brand ambassador for White Lady & Mareena Purslowe Funerals

"I’m sure I wasn’t the only person who left that day thinking about their own send-offs and how planning ahead can result in something very special. Actually it’s often only after a friend or a family member dies that any of us do this.

When my time comes, I don’t want any uncertainty about what my end of life wishes are or any unnecessary emotional stress placed on my family. There won’t be any anxiety over the details and they won’t have to worry about payment because that will have been taken care of beforehand.

Planning ahead makes it easier for your family to cope during a sad time.

My father didn’t leave any instructions about his funeral but I was fortunate to discover White Lady Funerals, a team of women, whose job is to make the process of planning the funeral of a loved one easier. No request is too silly or too hard. They didn’t mind what music I wanted played during dad’s service or that I wanted the volume as loud as possible for maximum impact. They respected my wishes and helped us plan a funeral that truly reflected dad’s life.

Right now, I’m not overly preoccupied with the end of my life (I’m in no hurry to leave) but rather staying fit and well, and living life to the fullest. I have discussed significant parts of my life with my family, plus my choice of music and flowers.

My hope is that my advance planning will turn what could be a difficult task into a rewarding one, and with White Lady by our sides my send-off will be exactly how I want it to be."

Prepaying a funeral with White Lady Funerals, or Mareena Purslowe Funerals in WA, gives you:

  • A funeral that truly reflects the life you've lived.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your funeral can be fully paid, relieving family of future costs.
  • Security in the knowledge that funds are safely held by the Guardian Over Fifty Friendly Society, an APRA registered organisation.
  • A future funeral at today’s prices.

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