Personal Touches

– Ita Buttrose Reveals the Personal Touches That Will Make Her Funeral a True Celebration of Her Life

"Talking about a funeral doesn’t make it happen any quicker but because most of us don’t like thinking about the inevitable, it’s become something of a taboo topic. So we don’t discuss in advance what we would like to happen at our own funeral and we put off discussing funeral arrangements with dearly loved family members as well.

Usually it’s not until someone close to us leaves this world that we stop to think about one of the most important life events that happens to all of us. It’s strange really."

"A funeral often brings a family closer together as we pause to reflect and remember someone that we once knew or knew about and want to honour and farewell. Of course, a funeral is often sad and emotional, but sometimes also unexpectedly humorous when someone recollects a quirky characteristic of a loved one.

Funerals are a time to grieve but also to celebrate a person’s life and that’s why pre-planning your send-off makes so much sense."

Ita Buttrose is the brand ambassador for White Lady & Mareena Purslowe Funerals

"When dad died, my brothers and I didn’t know where to start. When mum died, she hadn’t left any instructions about her end-of life-wishes and none of us had asked either. We were thrown into emotional chaos again. To make sure mum’s funeral was personal and truly reflected the life that she lived why hadn’t we asked her what she wanted?  Why do we plan other life-changing events such as weddings, down to every last detail, but leave planning a funeral to the last minute and often just fall in line with tradition?

Why wouldn’t people want to make a funeral more personal?
We live interesting and varied lives and have different views, likes and dislikes. Just think how moving a service would be if the music was played by the person’s favourite band, or the flowers reflected the colours of their football team. There is so much choice out there from music to poems, transport, flowers and even coffins. Whether it brings a tear to the eye or a smile to the face, a funeral is personal it’s special and wonderfully memorable.

The funeral industry has changed over the years and today there are many providers who pride themselves on their personalised service. Fortunately for me, I was handheld through this stressful time by an army of extraordinary women, who helped me and my brothers make all the necessary decisions at this vulnerable time of your life. Kind, gentle and understanding, they ensure that the funeral is everything your loved one would have wanted, especially if they haven’t expressed their end-of-life care wishes. It’s the woman’s touch that really makes White Lady Funerals unique.

Since my parents’ deaths, I have spent some time thinking about my end-of-life wishes. This wasn’t a scary thing to do but rather empowering and rewarding. It’s a good feeling. I have been able to consult my family and close friends. I know what flowers I’d like, what music I want played plus many other personal details that mean much to me. Talking and planning your funeral in advance can be a beautiful gift to your loved ones to help them through a difficult time. With all the preparations finalised, they’ll feel confident they are honouring your memory the way you want."

Prepaying a funeral with White Lady Funerals, or Mareena Purslowe Funerals in WA, gives you:

  • A funeral that truly reflects the life you've lived.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your funeral can be fully paid, relieving family of future costs.
  • Security in the knowledge that funds are safely held by the Guardian Over Fifty Friendly Society, an APRA registered organisation.
  • A future funeral at today’s prices.

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