Make Your Send-Off a Farewell to Remember

– Ita Buttrose Says It Isn't Morbid to Plan Your Own Funeral

"The only thing we know for sure about life is that one day it will end. Many of us recoil from that fact, as thinking about our own mortality can be unsettling, even frightening. But while death is inevitable it keeps to a timetable all its own. Forty years ago the renowned astrologer, Richard Sterling, sent me a poem that I’ve kept safe to remind me of the importance of making the most of every day because as he reminded me, death often likes to take us by surprise."

“The clock of life is wound but once and no one has the power
to tell just when the hands will stop at late or early hour… Place no faith in 'Tomorrow' – for the clock may then be still.”


"Those words apply not only to us as individuals but to our loved ones and when the clock does stop, organising a funeral is usually the last thing any of us wants to do. We want to be alone with our memories. Sometimes the grief we feel when someone we love dies can be overwhelming. We often need a helping hand.

One of the first funerals my brothers and I had to plan was our father’s. Initially we felt somewhat daunted by what needed to be done. There were so many decisions to be made and because Dad hadn’t left any instructions, we weren’t quite sure what he would have wanted. The White Lady team was incredible. Their professionalism, care and support was invaluable during this difficult time."

Ita Buttrose is the brand ambassador for White Lady & Mareena Purslowe Funerals

"From the moment I stepped through the front door of the White Lady funeral home, its calm, quiet atmosphere made me feel immediately at ease. I knew at once that Dad was in good hands and I stopped worrying.

With their friendly approach and expertise the planning process was not only stress-free but also comforting. The White Ladies are the ultimate event planners and can create a farewell as intimate or as grand as a family desires, in less than a week. No request is too silly or too difficult. If you want a special colour theme or music, digital photograph albums played on screens during and after the service, even streaming it live to family and friends interstate and globally, it can be done. With the latest contemporary facilities and technology at their disposal, they will help you plan the perfect, personalised send-off.

My brothers and I were more than happy with Dad’s funeral service – the White Lady team did him proud and helped us create a memorable, unique tribute– but if we had known his end-of-life wishes planning his farewell would have been a little easier. The experience taught me an important lesson. Many of my friends who have lost cherished family members say the same thing. These days we not only talk with our loved ones about their funeral wishes, we also talk about our own, and we have started to plan.

It makes so much sense to do this. I want my farewell to be as uncomplicated as possible and planning ahead means my wishes will be respected and fulfilled. I will also have peace of mind knowing that my family will have the White Ladies’ strength and assistance during a sad and emotional time.

It isn’t morbid to plan your own funeral. After all, you get only one chance to make your final farewell the very best it can be. Let your voice be heard loud and clear by planning ahead."

Prepaying a funeral with White Lady Funerals, or Mareena Purslowe Funerals in WA, gives you:

  • A funeral that truly reflects the life you've lived.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your funeral can be fully paid, relieving family of future costs.
  • Security in the knowledge that funds are safely held by the Guardian Over Fifty Friendly Society, an APRA registered organisation.
  • A future funeral at today’s prices.

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