Preplanning a Funeral FAQ

How do I plan ahead?

You can call us on 1300 656 550 to make an appointment or you can come in to one of our funeral homes to book in a time for one of our team members to come and visit you in the comfort of your own home. We are happy to do whichever is more convenient for you.

We will take you through the planning at a relaxed pace so you can tell us all the little touches you would like. For example you might like to have grandchildren place an eternal token into the coffin, or your friends to bring to the service their favourite photo of you for everyone to share.

At White Lady Funerals, your funeral director will ensure that all of your wishes will be carefully looked after and fulfilled.

What does a prepaid funeral include?

  • Professional guidance, information and ideas about what is important to you and assistance with any final details, such as newspaper notices and order of flowers.
  • Transfer of the deceased during business hours into the care of your nominated funeral home, within a maximum radius of 70 kilometres.
  • Mortuary care for the deceased prior to the funeral, including preparation for viewings.
  • Provision of coffin or casket.
  • Attendance of experienced funeral director at the funeral ceremony, viewings, crematorium or graveside.
  • All necessary documentation for your burial or cremation.
  • Provision of hearse and other vehicles.
  • Cremation arrangements.
  • Cemetery fees.
  • Press notices.
  • Floral tributes.
  • Clergy fees.
  • Travel Protection Plan can be included for when you are temporarily away from home.

These are only some of the options available to you, and we encourage you to discuss these with one of our funeral directors in more detail.


Why plan ahead by prepaying the funeral

Perhaps you have experienced organising a funeral yourself and wish to help those you leave behind by making some or all of the arrangements now. You may have attended a White Lady funeral service and seen firsthand how we look after the family with care and compassion. Or perhaps you want to protect your family financially by locking in your funeral costs at today's prices. For a variety of reasons you may have recently had cause to think about whether your family is protected in case they need to make funeral arrangements at an emotional time.

Many families choose to discuss their choices for the type and style of a funeral and record their preferences in advance with their funeral director. When a future funeral service is paid for in advance it becomes a prepaid funeral.

There are many advantages when you take care of your final arrangements in advance.

The most obvious benefit is financial as by paying now members of your family will not need to worry about the cost of a funeral at an already difficult time. There are a number of emotional benefits, too. When you make arrangements in advance you are able to make informed choices about what type of service you would like. This not only gives you peace of mind knowing you will have the service you want, but it also reduces the burden on your family or friends. You can rest assured knowing that our special woman's understanding will be there to support your family during their grief.


What happens to the money I pay?

Funds given towards a prepaid funeral to be conducted by White Lady Funerals are invested into an independent trust: The Over 50’s Guardian Friendly Society Limited (Society). This is an APRA registered organisation so you can rest assured your money is held safely until the time comes for your funeral service arrangements to be finalised.

Guardian Plan is a funeral bond issued by the Over Fifty Guardian Friendly Society Limited (the Society) ABN 81 087 649 063 AFSL 524353.

The Society bears any investment risk and ensures the selected services will be provided at the time of need according to the wishes you set out in the contract. The Society complies with all state and federal laws, such as the Funeral Funds Act.

Payment options

You will be able to choose whether to pay in full or to pay by regular monthly instalments.

It may suit you better to pay for your funeral by making regular instalments. If so an initial contribution up front will be required. This will be followed by monthly instalments over a period to suit you, up to 36 months.

Once all instalments have been received on time, the agreed White Lady funeral service is fixed forever and no further costs will be incurred unless additions are made at the time of the service.

If death occurs before the prepaid funeral has been paid in full, provided the payments are up-to-date, we may on request put all instalments towards the agreed cost of the actual funeral.

Can I redeem a prepaid funeral for money?

No. You cannot withdraw from a prepaid funeral plan, nor can it be used in any way other than to pay for funeral expenses.

However, if you have a prepaid funeral to be conducted by White Lady Funerals and you change your mind, you are entitled to cancel the plan within 30 days, or such other period as required by legislation, from the date of receipt of a confirmation letter from the Society the money is being held in.


What if I move?

If you move interstate you can rearrange your prepaid funeral plan accordingly.

Your White Lady funeral director will be able to assist you to transfer your plan to another one of our funeral homes in your area, or recommend another funeral home provider for you to transfer it to if none of our funeral homes are available.

Please note prices cannot necessarily be guaranteed on a transfer, as there are price differences between states. The funds you paid are required to stay in the secure investment you have arranged and can be accessed by the new funeral director at the time of the funeral.

If death happens interstate or overseas

You can purchase a Travel Protection Plan as an addition to your Prepaid Funeral Plan for when you are temporarily away from home. This covers the costs of transporting a deceased person back to their nominated funeral home. If you do not have Travel Protection Plan, you should contact your funeral director immediately and they will be able to arrange for the transport of the deceased, and attend to any statutory or customs requirements. If you do not have a Travel Protection Plan in these circumstances there is usually an additional cost for transportation.


Prearranging a memorial

If you have prearranged your funeral, which covers your funeral service needs, it makes sense to consider prearranging your memorial too. All InvoCare Memorial Parks and Gardens offer the option of arranging a burial or cremation memorial ahead of time for yourself or your family. Prearranging a memorial means you secure a permanent memorial type and position in a memorial park cemetery or garden, and pay for it at today's price.

Organising a memorial in advance has a number of financial and emotional benefits. We recommend you speak to the Memorial Park or Memorial Garden you are interested in about which memorials they currently have available.

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