Plan ahead – prepay your funeral

Ultimate care for you, your wishes and your family.

Planning ahead for a funeral service with us means your wishes will be respected and your family will be looked after by our woman's understanding and gentle touch; because that's what every family deserves.

We will take you through the planning at a relaxed pace so you can tell us all the little touches you would like. Your funeral director will ensure that all of your wishes will be carefully looked after and fulfilled.

Send us your details below and one of our prepaid consultants will call you back to discuss your prepaid funeral plan.

We are always available for a call on 1300 656 550. In Western Australia you can call our prepaid consultant Patricia Walker directly on 0407 787 084.

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Funeral Organiser

You can record all your funeral wishes and arrangements in advance and keep this safely filed in a place known to your family or the Executor for when the time comes.

By completing this booklet you are giving your family peace of mind, with the knowledge they are carrying out your wishes.

The booklet can also be used if you decide to plan ahead with a prepaid funeral.

Find out more about the benefits of planning ahead with our online funeral calculator that weighs up the difference in price between a prepaid funeral and funeral insurance; Compare Prepaid vs Insurance.