Buddhist funerals

Buddhist funeral services are usually held in a funeral chapel with the proceedings conducted by a monk. These are usually very personalised services and allow for family and friends to contribute, not only to the readings and choice of music but also through the invitation to say a eulogy.

In all branches of Buddhism, death is of major religious significance as it marks a transition from this life to the next. Buddhism is flexible as to whether the body should be cremated or buried and our funeral homes can support whatever choice families make.

The ceremony can consist of a number of elements, including:

  • Buddhist rites, a sermon, or a reading from an inspiring book
  • The forgiveness ceremony (chanting)
  • Announcement of charity work done in memory of the deceased
  • Sharing of merits from the charity given and from other acts of kindness
  • Reciting verses of thanksgiving, and
  • Eulogy.

Your White Lady funeral director can you help with some very special touches to make the ceremony more personalised through the inclusion of your choice of music, photographs or even a video display.