71 Letitia Street North,
Hobart, Tasmania 7000


Monday - Friday: 9.00am - 5.00pm
Saturday - Sunday: by appointment


Seats over 250 guests.
Intimate Chapel that seats 50 guests.


Perfect for playing photos or videos of your loved one throughout the service.

Refreshments room

Gather with friends and family after the service to reflect on your loved one’s life.

Allocated parking

Dedicated parking for 120 cars.

Wheelchair accessible

Our chapel and facilities are accessible for guests with wheelchairs and other mobility aids.

Public transport

Conveniently located close by to bus services

A wonderfully compassionate, sensitive and understanding team who helped us through every detail of the funeral at a very difficult and emotional time.

(December 2022, Google)

Our People

Our White Ladies are with you every step of the way. They will keep you informed and guide you through the arrangements as much or as little as you need. 

Meet Carolyn Aubrey, White Lady Funerals Hobart location manager

How long have you been a funeral arranger?
I have been a funeral arranger for nearly 7 years. Before embarking on my journey in the funeral industry, I held various positions, including being a Library Assistant, Courier, and handy person. Additionally, I was a stay-at-home mom.

Once my children reached a certain age, I was fortunate to secure a retained position with NSWFR (New South Wales Fire and Rescue). My experience in firefighting within my local community provided me with a profound appreciation for the complexities of life and death. As a result, I pursued a position with NSW Ambulance as a Patient Transport Officer, which further deepened my interest in end-of-life care.

What do you like about being a funeral arranger?
Apart from the obvious reward of being able to assist families when they are dealing with grief, I particularly appreciate the complexities of family dynamics, logistics, and the intricacies of event management that are involved in providing a family with a fitting tribute.

Specifically in Tasmania, I have had the opportunity to explore a rich variety of locations, interact with diverse individuals, and immerse myself in different faiths and cultures. This exposure has profoundly influenced my perspective on the meaning of life and reinforced my understanding that grief is a universal experience that transcends social standing, background, wealth, or age.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
In my spare time, I find great joy in immersing myself in outdoor activities. One of my favourite pastimes is trail running, both in the company of others and solo. I often participate in events that allow me to explore various parts of Australia and occasionally even venture overseas. Additionally, I love wandering, capturing moments through photography, and searching for hidden treasures along beaches or rivers. Whether it's collecting sea glass, stones, feathers, driftwood, or even stumbling upon intriguing bones, these discoveries bring me a sense of fascination and delight.

What do you like about your local area?
I adore Hobart. It is undeniably the most beautiful city! The majestic Kunanyi/Mt Wellington serves as a breathtaking backdrop, adding a touch of natural splendor to the cityscape. The historic buildings scattered throughout Hobart are simply stunning, each carrying a unique charm and character.

One of the aspects I truly appreciate about Hobart is that you're never far away from something interesting to see or do.

What’s the most remarkable funeral you’ve ever arranged?
The most remarkable funeral I've ever arranged was for a champion female sprint car driver. In a unique and fitting tribute, we organised a service at a speedway, creating a memorable and unconventional farewell.

As part of the arrangements, I had the honour of driving the hearse for a final hot lap around the track, symbolising the driver's love for the sport and celebrating her remarkable achievements. It was a truly extraordinary and touching experience, showcasing the individuality and personalisation that can be brought to funerals to truly honour a person's passions and accomplishments.

Say farewell somewhere special

We’re here to help you plan a unique funeral service that reflects the life and spirit of your loved one. If there’s a special place you’d like to say farewell, such as a home, park, place of worship or another meaningful location, our team will take care of all the details to make it happen.

Many of our Hobart funeral services have been held in the following venues:

Following the ceremony, your loved one can be buried or memorialised at Cornelian Bay Cemetery or at a resting place of your choice.

The women of White Lady Funerals Hobart love spending time in their community. They are experienced in planning funeral services for the variety of cultures and religions around the area.