Personalise the funeral service

A complete funeral service from White Lady Funerals is one that meets your every need, including the little touches that can mean so much.

Assisting families to create an authentic funeral service with a personal touch is of the utmost importance to us. This is not only a rewarding and fulfilling experience for the family members who participate; it can also be a significant step in the healing process. Let your funeral director know how she can help you make a beautiful and memorable funeral ceremony that is exactly how you want it to be.

The family has absolute choice in all of the funeral arrangements. There are only a few rare exceptions (e.g. in the case of coronial investigation in some cases where permission may be given for a funeral by burial only). You can be assured that we will help you with every choice and request that you and your family make, and make the funeral service as unique as your loved one.

Adding a personal touch

Offering ultimate care and compassion, with attention to every detail our team ensure the farewell you want is the best it can be – after all you only get one chance.

Our funeral directors will discuss many ideas to make a funeral more personal and authentic with you. For example you might like to consider:

  • Creating a colourful photo board to welcome guests when they arrive.
  • Showing a life story through a DVD presentation with photos, videos and music.
  • Choosing a venue that reflects the person's life; golf club, garden, beach or the backyard at home.
  • Theming our chapel or the chosen venue with a favourite colour and use personal items as decoration.
  • Guests wearing a special colour, accessory or item of clothing; something that reflects the person's style or character.
  • Making a memorabilia display of personal items.
  • Mementos for guests to take home; bookmarks, photo cards or even a favourite recipe.
  • Decorating the coffin; with handprints, special messages, signatures or the like.
  • A custom made LifeArt coffin; personalise with photos or scenery of your choice.
  • Bringing your family pet to the ceremony.
  • Forming a guard of honour.
  • Asking team mates or club members to come dressed in uniform or club colours.
  • Driving past the family home on the way to the cemetery or crematorium.
  • Releasing doves or butterflies.
  • Video recording the ceremony, or have it streamed to family interstate and overseas.
  • Keeping a lock of hair.
  • The time of day for the ceremony; perhaps a candlelit twilight service followed by a cocktail party is more reminiscent of the person.
  • Live music; have musicians playing the harp, bagpipes, a singer, jazz band or the like.
  • Military honours; an RSL tribute with poppies and Last Post included in the ceremony.