How to choose the correct burial plot

At White Lady Funerals, we understand how overwhelming it can be making choices surrounding your loved one’s passing. When selecting a burial plot, it’s important to feel as though you’ve chosen the right one, either for your loved one, or for yourself should you choose to pre-arrange. This article details everything you need to know to choose the right burial plot for your needs.

What does a burial plot involve?

After a death, the family most commonly chooses to cremate or bury their loved one. If the later, a burial plot needs to be organised and prepared. A burial plot can be defined as a final resting place where your loved one is buried and will be commemorated.

The average grave plot size varies depending on which type of plot you select. There are three different types of burial plots: single (one person), double (either two people side by side or one on top of the other) and family (allows enough room for multiple plots).

Physical burial plots help assist in the grieving process, as they provide families a place to visit and be close with their loved ones. They also offer a chance for future generations to celebrate and remember their ancestors, allowing them to visit on significant dates and to bring flowers or ornaments to leave.

Selecting a burial plot

Choosing a burial plot can be very overwhelming, especially given all the other considerations you have to make during the death of a loved one. But first, you must select a memorial park. Here are some tips to help with your decision:

  • Ideally, try to find a memorial park that is close to you and your loved one’s friends and family. Given a burial plot is a permanent place your loved ones can visit, it’s easier if the plot isn’t located too far away.
  • Try to select a memorial park or plot near where your other loved ones have been buried. If you have other loved ones and family members who have been laid to rest, selecting either the same memorial park or one very close will give a sense of togetherness.
  • Select a memorial park that you feel connected to. You want to feel safe and happy with the final place where your loved one will rest. Often the period post-funeral can be the most challenging, so having a burial plot in a place that is filled with positive energy will make the grieving process a little easier.

How to find a burial plot

You can lean on our experienced and trusted team here at White Lady Funerals to find the right burial plot for you and your family. Over the years we have assisted many families in commemorating their loved one’s lives. We have built up extensive knowledge and many relationships with trusted and beautiful memorial parks throughout Australia. Don’t hesitate to speak to us today to find out more.

Prearranging your own burial plot

There are many benefits to pre-arranging your final resting place. Firstly, it eases financial strains placed on your family during what will already be a highly emotional and traumatic time. It also offers the peace of mind knowing you have selected and organised your own burial plot to align with your wishes.

If you would like to enquire about pre-arranging your own burial plot, you can visit our FAQ page for more information to assist you in organising and selecting your own burial plot.

You can also contact your local White Lady funeral director who can assist with any questions or concerns. Call us today on 1300 656 550 to speak to one of our supportive team members.