Your first meeting with us

Losing someone close to you is one of life’s greatest challenges, and we’re honoured you’ve chosen us to be with you on this journey.

Our caring collective of Funeral Specialists are here to support you and your family as you prepare to say goodbye. Together, we’ll plan a meaningful, personalised service that captures the unique spirit of your loved one. Taking care of every detail, giving you time and space to begin to heal.

What to expect from your first meeting

During the first meeting with your Funeral Specialist, she’ll take the time to get to know you, your family and your loved one. She’ll make sure you feel comfortable and understand the process you’re about to embark on. 

The meeting may take place at your chosen White Lady Funerals location, or we can visit you at your home. You may wish to bring a family member or other support person with you. Be sure to set aside around 2 hours for this meeting so you don’t feel rushed. 

Your Funeral Specialist will ask you about your loved one’s wishes and preferences, along with your family’s cultural or religious beliefs. This will help them understand the type of funeral your loved one would have wanted.

Decisions to make during the first meeting

While the first meeting is primarily for your Funeral Specialist to get to know you and begin planning the service, there are some important decisions to make. 

You’ll need to consider whether your loved one will be buried or cremated. If they’re being buried, you’ll have to choose a cemetery or burial site (if they haven’t reserved a burial plot already). If you’ve opted for cremation, you might consider interring your loved one’s ashes at a local memorial garden or purchasing an urn to keep their ashes in.

Your Funeral Specialist will also explain the available service options, including coffin and casket options, floral arrangements, viewing rooms, video tributes, and anything else you’d like to add to personalise the service.

If you need more time to decide or to speak with other family members, you can organise a follow-up meeting to confirm the details later.

What to bring to your first meeting

You’ll need to bring a few things to help with the planning process. It’s okay if you don’t have everything during your first meeting. You can always share it with your Funeral Specialist at a later date

Here’s what you should bring to your first meeting:

  • Documents outlining your loved one’s wishes (if any)
  • Information for the death certificate, including personal details, birth and marriage certificates and information about their family.
  • Clothes for your loved one to wear during the funeral, including any jewellery, accessories or makeup.
  • A current photo to help us prepare them for the funeral
  • Prepaid funeral plan documents (if any)
  • Burial site reservation documents (if any)
  • A list of questions you might have – it helps to write these down beforehand so we can ensure you feel comfortable and informed.

Here for you, always

We’re here to support you at every step. Our collective of women Funeral Specialists are highly experienced, caring professionals who understand the pain of losing a loved one. We’ll help carry your burden, so you can focus on healing before, during and after the service. 

Your guide to funerals and grief