Aspects of Service

A funeral service is made up of various elements which families can combine to make the perfect service that meets their spiritual and emotional needs.

Funeral Services

Funeral services are formal gatherings, often presided over by a member of a church or a celebrant. They can be traditional or modern, religious, spiritual or a celebration of a life with all the contemporary touches you may like to include. It's easy to underestimate the importance of a funeral service, but experts agree it can help you with your grief.

Our team specialise in tailoring the funeral service to your spiritual, cultural and emotional needs so if there is something you would like to discuss with us, we will do our best to make it part of your meaningful farewell to your loved one. This includes your choice of venue, special requests to personalise the funeral service and a range of accessories to create a service that will be remembered by all who attend.

Burial or Cremation

An individual's choice to either have a burial or cremation is often based on various personal reasons, including family traditions and/or family beliefs.

In certain cultures cremation is not a popular option, or may even be prohibited by religious belief. In other cultures cremation is the norm, such as the Hindu tradition.

There are pros and cons on both sides regarding the decision to bury or to cremate, however more and more people are opting to have a cremation rather than a burial in Australia, particularly in the land poor city areas.


Embalming is carried out by a qualified professional, called an embalmer, and is a chemical treatment of a body which disinfects and preserves it. Embalming may be needed when:

  • There is a longer than average delay between death and the funeral
  • The deceased needs to be transferred overseas or interstate
  • The deceased’s wishes call for an above ground burial in a crypt or vault, or
  • To improve the appearance of the deceased for a viewing.

If you have any questions about embalming or other mortuary practices, please raise them with your funeral director. We are always willing to discuss these matters with you.

Graveside Services

A service at the graveside can be an important time to say goodbye. Graveside services can be in addition to a funeral service held at another venue or can be the sole service.

There are many options available to you should you wish to hold a graveside service to honour your loved one, and we can help make it perfect; for example through the release of doves or butterflies.

Witnessing Services

A witnessing service is held when a permanent memorial is complete. It can be a chance to say another goodbye, and gives family and friends who were unable to attend the funeral service an opportunity to pay their last respects. Your funeral director can help arrange this for you.

Scattering Services

After a cremation has taken place, some families choose to remember their loved one in a special way and scatter their remains in a place that was special to the deceased. It can be a place that their loved one spent time at, such as a river, a golf course, a beach or garden. If you plan on scattering ashes in a public space then it is important to check whether permissions are required. Your funeral home can assist to create a meaningful and personal ash scattering.

If you are planning to scatter ashes, it can be a good idea to keep some aside for permanent memorialisation as this can be very helpful in coping with grief. Sometimes ashes are scattered at a family home, which can be resold, or scattered at a favourite place, which can be rezoned or developed into something else. In a memorial park on the other hand ashes can be placed without fear of the location changing.

Scattering Ashes – What you need to know (.pdf)

Family Gathering or Wake

Our funeral directors can help arrange a family gathering because you shouldn't have to worry about this task. From venues to menus, we can help bring together a gathering that makes all your guests feel welcome, and which leaves you free to be there for your family.