Funeral Services FAQ

The ladies at our funeral homes have provided answers to some of the commonly asked questions about funeral services and related topics.

If you have a funeral service related question that is not answered in this section, you are welcome to call us on 1300 656 550 or send us an e-mail via the contact form with your questions and we will do our best to answer them for you.

If you want to know more about what happens at each stage of the funeral service, why having a funeral can make a difference to how you cope with the loss of a loved one, what to expect from a certain religious service, you need to know what type of information you need to provide for a death certificate, you've been asked to deliver a eulogy and need inspiration, or if you have questions around coping with grief we cover these topics and more in the Help & Advice section.

Elements of the Funeral Service

A funeral service is made up of a collection of elements which we can combine in different ways to create the perfect service that meets all your wishes and needs.

In this section we explain about funeral services, the choice of burial or cremation, embalming, graveside services, witnessing services, scattering of ashes and family gatherings or wakes.

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Personalised Funeral Services

There are many ways to add personal touches throughout a funeral service. Whether religious or non-religious, we can customise each service to reflect your loved one, their passions and their interests in life and deliver a unique service that guests will remember.

We deliver an uprecedented level of service, with ultimate care for you, your wishes and your family.

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Repatriation is the transfer of a loved one’s remains interstate or internationally. Transferring the remains to or from another part of the world so that they can be laid to rest.

At White Lady Funerals and Mareena Purslowe Funerals we understand that home is where the heart is, and for some family members that may be in another part of Australia or across the oceans in another part of the world.

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About the Viewing

A viewing is the word most commonly used to describe seeing the person who has died one last time before the funeral service. Viewings are usually private with select family and friends attending.

In this section we share information about what to expect from the viewing, why it may be healthy for your grief to have a viewing, whether children should attend or not and ideas fo making it a special, personal time.

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Memorials & Memorial Parks

A physical memorial in a memorial park or garden gives family and friends a place to visit, and the comfort of knowing the land will not be redeveloped into something else.

You can plan ahead and arrange a memorial in advance so that there is a place ready for your family when the time comes. We can also give recommendations on memorial parks and gardens in your area.

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