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Repatriation is the transfer of a loved one’s remains to or from another part of the world so that they can be laid to rest.

White Lady Funerals understands that home is where the heart is, and for some family members that may be in another part of Australia or across the oceans in another part of the world.

White Lady funeral homes have helped countless families achieve peace of mind by making appropriate final arrangements to many interstate and international destinations.

There are White Lady funeral directors all across Australia so we can make interstate arrangements on your behalf. White Lady Funerals also have connections with trusted funeral service providers all over the world, and so your White Lady can assist you repatriate your loved one anywhere in the world.

We will liaise with all relevant state and federal government departments, as well as with the Consul-General of the other country.

For whatever reason you would like to repatriate a loved one; it could be to lay them to rest where they grew up, or to make sure future generations can easily visit their memorial site, you can rest assured that your White Lady funeral director will be there for your family.

If you would like to talk to one of our White Ladies, please call us on 1300 656 550 or e-mail us below:

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