Anglican Funeral Services

The Anglican funeral service contains a range of elements from the moment the coffin is received at the church to the farewell from the church. These include:

  • The welcome and gathering 
  • One or more eulogies 
  • (Music / Hymn) 
  • The psalm 
  • The Bible reading(s) 
  • (Music / Hymn) 
  • The prayers 
  • The farewell 
  • (Music / Hymn) 
  • The committal 
  • The blessing

Anglican funeral services can be personalised through the choice of readings, the particular music and hymns chosen, and through the eulogy. Many families also like to have a video display or photos included in the proceedings and a printed booklet available which will usually include a photograph of the loved one. Some people choose to use a personalised coffin from LifeArt.